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Harpo's Raincoat Pocket

Also known as "Fun Stuff." When we find something that we like, it is picked up, dusted off, and placed in the Pocket. We drop it in here because it amuses us, and might amuse you too.

Trivia, quotes, desktop wallpapers, etc.

The Harpo Speaks! Project: An evolving page which includes researching places, period games, and people who were mentioned in Harpo's autobiography. Help needed!

Warner Brothers vs. Marx Brothers: Tom Ruegger's "Animaniacs" compared with the Marx films.

Computer Stuff

Created (and colored) by me. Please do not claim that you made them or post them on a website, be nice. Post a link to this shabby site if you are able to. Thanx!

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YOYF's Video Reccommendations

The highlighted titles can be bought online. I've placed a + next to the ones I own or have seen.

Red Skelton Christmas Show: Freddie & the Yuletide Doll - Skit: Red Skelton and Harpo find each other in the middle of the war, each on opposing sides. Instead of killing each other, they decide to sit in the foxhole and play a friendly game of cards. Soon, their officers find them and command Red and Harpo to shoot one another. I can't tell you how it ends because I've never seen it.

+Red Skelton: The "Lost" Episodes Vol.2 - Skit: Harpo plays the fitting role of George Appleby's (Red Skelton) guardian angel. When Harpo is sent down to help George with his marriage problems, George doesn't know what he is, so Harpo pulls one panto gesture after another, ending it with flapping his arms like a chicken (ie. angel wings). This prompts Red to improv., "Which one are you doing, Gertrude or Heathcliffe?" Harpo doubles-over laughing silently (and you can see that he wants to burst out laughing but must prevent making noise because of his mute character) which makes Red double-over at the sight of him. It's a great moment to see these two panto geniuses crack each other up. Harpo the guardian angel plays practical jokes on Red's Appleby character, and is foolish, cute, child-like, and funny, which is all-around everything we expect Harpo's character to be. Harpo doesn't play the harp in this episode, but he does a wonderful, long panto skit. I hope to find an online place which sells this DVD, and scan the cover so maybe you can find it yourself.

+Groucho Marx: You Bet Your Life - 12 shows. Not only does it have great moments from the tv series, but also has Harpo and Chico doing a commercial for Prom Shampoo (watch for it at the end of the 3rd show). A few great moments feature an "angry, bug-eyed fellow", a painter named "Yuk", and an old woman who threatens Groucho to put out his cigar while she's onstage. Absolutely crazy.

+"Hollywood-Without Make-up" - features Ken Murray's bootleg footage of his travels around hollywood in the 19. Shows Harpo and Groucho in soapbox cars racing down the path against a boy, Hearst Castle in San Simeon (where Harpo visited), and a poolside party where Chico, Harpo, and Groucho lay back in beach-chairs asleep in bathing shorts, wigs, hats, and grease-paint moustache.

Unknown Marx Brothers - Highly recommended by OTHER marxists. I'm planning on getting this one after seeing some of the great photos that were flashed on the screen. To see some screencaps yourself, visit Anicorn

.Other Stuff

Marx-related Trivia:

Random Quotes:

"They say Woody Allen got something from the Marx Brothers. He didn't. He is an original. The best. The funniest."-Groucho Marx

" me about the Marx Brothers, as a child. And as I grew up, i found them the funniest people on the screen to me were the Marx Brothers, and I got to meet Groucho in the last 10 years of his life, and was friendly with him and he was a wonderful, wonderful person. You know, [he] reminded me of every jewish uncle that I knew at any bar mitzfuh or wedding. He was, you know, the wise-cracking uncle. He looks a little like my family, like my mothers side of the family. I just found him to be... you know, if your gonna do comedy, they were unsentimental, they were anarchtic, they were original and surreal, hilarious. And I dont think there's ever been anyone like them before us since. For a comedian, they're just as good as you can get i think." -Woody Allen

Think About It

I don't know whether most of these are fact or fiction, but I post them here because you, too, may have pondered these questions, likenesses, differences, etc.

If there's anything that you would like to add to any section of this page, PLEASE post it on our message board and I will post it here. Thanks!

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