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The most beautiful man, that any one of us would long to become. To try to copy his inner gifts is impossible. You must be born with a pure heart. Arthur "Harpo" Marx is a living legend..not for becoming famous, but for being what he was, a child in spirit and heart. None of us could get away with the things he was able to while being in charecter without being called immature or insane. He kept that inner child with him forever and never thought to do what every one of us are forced to do, "grow up". Most of us already have grown up and lost that innocent spirit, that gift that was given to us at our most precious age. I turned on January 11th of 2002, and was suddenly forced to become a "grown up". Why? Because it is part of our culture and everyone around you..your parents, your friends, and other influences..force you to become this person, that is no longer 'you'. Your attitude changes, your ideas about the world change, and resposabilities are piled upon you, once you hit that age of "passing over to adulthood", your life as a child..of seeing things with an open mind and new eyes..of doing the wacky and fun things just because you feel like it...are all over.

Harpo shown us that when he was a kid, he never lost that feeling of being a child. He learned to keep it through his charecter of "Harpo", and just being himself without caring what the world thought of him. I admire and respect this man who can be called "childish" only in a good sense. We may use this term in a bad way, only because we regret losing our "childishness" ourselves. Honestly, he never died, his spirit lives within us. That sense of being an innocent child that comes out only when maybe you've had too much to drink, or feel like your on top of the world for a single moment, or think back to your childhood and pretend to live it again... and your worries about other peoples thoughts escape your mind and you live it because it means something to you. We all have his spirit within our mind & soul...Its just that he made us realise it was there.

"If things get too much for you and you feel the whole world's against you, go stand on your head. If you can think of anything crazier to do, do it." - A. ARTHUR (HARPO) MARX

This is my way of showing my gratitude to him..a webpage for my thoughts, drawings from my soul and to leave it displayed for all to see, without worry or regret. These displayed are the only talents I've discovered that I have so far..and so I use them. Thank you, Harpo, for showing what part of myself that is most important while I pass into adulthood..and I hope not to transform completely. (Even though I write like I did LOL) I think Chico & Groucho are fab too, but Harpo's my fave!


JAN 11: Whaddaya know! Our tiny lil "dedication page" is actually turning into a full-fledged website! I downloaded some Marx Brothers sounds off KaZaA (a Napster-like program) and thought some of them were so good, and that I had alot of webspace, so I decided to stick them up in the Attic for your perusal. Today is my birthday, so consider it a gift from me to you! I hope that I don't have to make any more web pages, because that poem is getting pretty LONG. If I have to add another page, i'm going to get rid of the poem and just make links under Groucho. I know, how uncreative..but I wasn't planning on the poem reaching more than 6 lines. There's approx 18 up there right now. This page is gonna be switched around so it makes sense, with my page links on the top instead of the bottem. Oh, and we're getting a web-counter soon, so I can see if there's anyone sneaking around :) ..PLEASE check out the Forum, leave a message if you can! Thanks.

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I love seeing the most creative and fun sites that carry the best stuff needed by a newly obsessive fan. I labeled some of the most touching stories about Harpo here as well.

Read about how it happened and the real voice behind Harpo Marx, and explore the true identity of Adolph Arthur Marx. Buy Harpo's autobiography, "Harpo Speaks!" and read the first chapter! (by

Read about Alan Shermans expirience with his harp-playing neighbor (by Marx Out Of Print)

If it's pictures of Harpo & Chico you want, this place has them by the mill! They have the only known recording of HARPO'S VOICE! (avoid the animals running the joint, its a zoo in there)

Have fun around the wacky world of Marx at!

Explore the many "pictsh's", blinkies and polls at The Harpo Marx Site!

To get to know Harpo better, visit Susan's Harpo Page. Girls, don't forget your tear-rags, this one choked me up a bit.


And..using my new digiCam, I took pix off the TV. I have the beginning of "The Big Store" which was recorded over for "A Day At The Races", yet I didn't have enough tape to record the final race in the end. But, here they are! With Lucy too! I'll be getting more pix soon as I get more movies LOL And surry about the lil dates on each pic. Heck, even the DATES are wrong, it was really 1/11/2002!

The Big Store





A Day At The Races


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