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The Scrappa'book

(That's "scrapbook" in Chico-italian.)

There's finally some new pictsh's from The Cocoanuts! Thank you Hollywood Video for making the rental possible. I own half of The Big Store, half of A Day At The Races, and all of At The Circus, Monkey Business and A Night At The Opera. In case you don't know the Marx Brothers, those are movie titles. Someday, I'll get around to taking screencaps from those when I watch them, if I'm not too busy laughing off my painted moustache. It may be possible to burn a candle at both ends, but it's deffinately impossible to take my eyes off the screen while their movies are on.

These pictsh's are mostly of Harpo, though I did break down and take a couple of Groucho and Chico. These screencaps are cheaply done by use of a digital camera faced at a television screen, therefore some of the older pictsh's (at the bottom) have the wrong dates printed on them because my ignorance of how to use a new camera ridiculed me. Hold your mouse over each pictsh to watch it talk. I'm laughing inside right now at those of you who are now adjusting their computer speakers expecting to hear something. Now I am able to ridicule you. Insulted? Then blame my camera for starting the ridicule first.....

...Anyhow, more coming soon.. with luck. If anyone cares to donate a good Harpo screencap to us, it is greatly appreciated. You will have your name stamped in the corner of it, or whatever you wish to have on it to show ownership, except personal logos. By the way, the "fave scenes" suggested are to remind you (and me) what each movie featured, judged on the best music or panto bits featuring Harpo. This is a Harpo site, so everything said here is about him.

The Cocoanuts (1929)

char. "Harpo"; plays the harp and clarinet

fave scenes: playing "When My Dreams Come True" (clarinet) because it's a RARE event, and when he mimes to the woman and then steals her handkerchief from her cleavage, his facial expressions are brilliant. Though, everyone else would probably say the party at the end (when he's drunk) is the best scene.

people don't want to read their mail anyway.. so i'll wrip it up.

I need more mail to wrip up!

eating useful office equiptment. ..he's half goat.

the Anvil song.. marxian style

laughing it up over nothing

the patriots march with flutes and drums parading to victory! ..wherever that is..

whatever it is, we didn't do it!

an official flatfoot and an official gutterpup.

the classic gookie

Sock it to him, boy! Give'em the old one, two, kick!

Harpo likes handkercheifs. To steal, I mean.

my fave scene.. harpo's coy expressions..

his Awwww expression

his expression is something like... Ooooh really?

he lays his head on her shoulder and snatches her handkerchief right from her cleavage!

the woman is none the wiser about this clepto

a rare moment of him playing When My Dreams Come True


playing When My Dreams Come True on the harp

groucho at left door, chico at right door, woman at middle door, harpo under the bed.

a quick honk on the phone before heading out

care for a spot of tea? no? i'll just have a rest on the bed then.

when you think you are alone, a harpo pops out of your bed. ..note the heavy, silent film makeup on his lips and eyebrows

why a duck?

 a cocoanut and two monkeys in a palm tree

Above harpo's head, the people bicker like parents. Harpo acts like a 5yr old, pointing to Chico's feet and silently mouth words to the man in the grey suit.

the woman is weeping, so harpo tries to make her feel better by giving her a lolly. she doesn't accept.

instead, she cries on his shoulder. leaving harpo to stare blankly in thought or remorse.

A jail bird who sets himself free. expression says something like.. That was easy!

the smoking, drunk mardi gras cowboy. expression.. Eesh! A boring speech! Time to go for another drinkie..

Chico stares at his goofy brother who claps his hands drunkily.

marx pile.. chico and drunk harpo.. legs on legs, arms on arms, and heads on heads. good luck figuring out what belongs to who.

a nice pictsh of Chico playing Gypsy Love Song


The Big Store (1941)

char. "Wacky"; plays the harp, violin, piano, bass.

fave scene: Chico playing the piano, then Harpo joining him.

a new boom sweeps clean

they leave the office and may never come back to it ever again.. Flywheel's left his burning breakfast still frying in his desk.

take this down..

undecided of what he should do, since Flywheel told him to stop typing.

darn flash bulb...



somewhat serious moment



A Day At The Races (1937)

char. "Stuffy"; plays the piano, harp, and tin-whistle.

fave scenes: every scene with Harpo is great. Groucho examining Harpo in the doc's office; the "Who's that man/Tomarrow is another day" barn scene was the best. Others might suggest the scene where he makes the piano frame into a harp.

Hey, Whitmore, are you calling me?

gotta love it

those quick glances to the camera are gold, esp this one. he was keeping us waiting before he continued the song. haha

the spotlight really adds a great effect to it, you can see the shadows of his hands trail over him as he plays.

he silenced the strings with his hands, rolling his eyes. then continued to play.

he sits on the piano stool with a giggle, his legs crossed, doing a pacey, twittering laughter on the keys.

"Stage Door Canteen" (1943)

In "Stage Door Canteen", he had a minute appearance near the end of this army film. The third time that they go back to the Canteen, a woman goes into a phone booth to make a call, but finds that the phone honks instead of it ringing. Harpo pops up from behind her inside the booth, she makes a blood-curtling scream and runs towards an officer and hides behind him, and Harpo is caught by the arm. He leans on the man so his horn honks, pretends to drop his hat, and the man goes to pick it up, Harpo pulls his hat up with a string and puts his leg in the mans empty hand. Then he sits on the man's lap so he can ogle at the woman more closely. The woman screams then runs away and Harpo gets up from the man's lap and chases after her, and that's the last you see of him.

"Celebrity Golf with Sam Snead" (1960)

"Celebrity Golf" was on the Golf channel awhile ago. For anyone who has read Harpo's autobio "Harpo Speaks!", this appearance means alot because he mentioned this game on the last page of his book, saying "In those three television shows I succeeded in doing the three things I had been warned never to do again [because of the previous heart-attacks]. In the first, I whanged away at the harp. In the second, I played a golf match with Sam Snead. In the third, I not only leaped around, but I leaped around for three days in the snow." Harpo ignored doctors orders and played this game anyway, taking his wig and hat out of the mothballs one last time, and risked his life for the game he loved. He appeared to be as healthy as an ox, even though his true age was beginning to show upon his face, he could still do golf swings like a pro and perform gags. No, he didn't win the game, but he didn't play it to win, he played it to have fun, to prank Sam, and basically get out of the house. Sorry if the pictures are fuzzy, my bigscreen TV died and I had to make due with a small one and my infamous crappy digicam. The picsh's and captions go from left to right like reading a book.

The narrator had asked what his handicap was, so Harpo obliged by having him count fingers, whether they are real fingers or not.

Sam: Harpo, do you have a tee?

Harpo: *throws a few out of his golf bag like chickenfeed, then dumps a giant pile onto the lawn*

Nar: "Here." he says "have two or three! *laughs*" Later Harpo said that he widdled them all himself.

Harpo: *notices the camera, smiles and waves.*

Harpo: *limps using his club as a crutch and gives a Gookie*

Nar: Uh oh, he must've hurt himself on that last hole.

An odd putting stance, his body and feet turned nearly opposite of the hole, putting in the opposite direction. He did this a few times, and gave up because the ball never went in.

Harpo's ball sat on the edge of the hole, and so he gives a shocked look with his hand over his mouth.

Harpo: *watches distainfully as his ball rolls down a hill and into a bush*

He plays it from where it rests. That white blur is his ball shooting out of the bush.

He tries to put the ball in a croquet-style a few times. That doesn't work well for him either, making the ball roll much farther than he wanted.

Again, the croquet-style, trying to aim more carefully this time. Still doesn't work.

The white blob in the center is Harpo's ball splashing into the river. I dunno why I took a pictsh of it.

He hears everyone say "aww.." when his ball falls into the river. So he says "aww" too.

Harpo mashed his ball into the grass before Sam got there. Then he asked Sam if he could throw the ball over his shoulder in order to get his ball out of the divet. Sam said "No, play it where it is." Harpo then whistled at a pretty girl to divert Sam's attention, then Harpo put his hat on the grass, and leaned a sign against it, "Grounds Under Repair".

Harpo asked again if he could now throw the ball over his shoulder, and Sam gave in and allowed him to do it.

Harpo threw the ball perfectly and everyone laughed at the fact that it landed directly on the green next to the hole. What luck!

Trying the croquet-style putt again on the last hole.

Harpo looked troubled at his ball, trying to see if its a clear putt. Sam offered helping line-up the ball, then watched as Harpo's putter magically stretched longer and longer until it reached his ball.

Sam threw his hands up and walked away shaking his head as if saying "i'll never understand this guy.", and this made Harpo point and laugh that he had pulled a gag on Sam.

*shakes Sam's hand*

*drags Sam into the frame so we can see him again*

Then he tries to "break" Sam's arm with his knee.

Harpo didn't win the game, but "Celebrity Golf" gave some money to each of his charities anyhow. The money was split three ways between the charities he had chosen.

"Secrets of San Simeon with Patricia Hearst" (2001)

episode #2: Harpo and Jean Harlow at a Tyrolean-themed costume party at San Simeon. This is the same photo shown twice. The first screencap focuses on his expression, and the second screencap focuses on their pose and costumes. Harpo's tie and feathered hat made me giggle, though sadly the photo was cut above the waist so we never find out if Harpo worn shorts and knee socks.

Misc. Photos

A Night At The Opera

"Soleful" Chico, age 5

Sam Marx and his four "poys"

Hello? Room Service?

Kilted Brothers

These badly-scanned photos were taken from the lovely book called, "Gone But Not Forgotten". Very thorough mini-bio's of Groucho and Marx family, plus Chaplin, Benny, Keaton, WC Fields, Karloff, Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Duke Ellington, John Wayne, Lombardo, Hitchcock, Disney, Gable, Grable, Mae West, Roselind Russell, Pickford, "Satchmo", and the Barrymores. Features 25 photos of the Marx family.

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